A Day not as planned but still Great!

We were going to the dog park on our day off while there was a little sunshine out. Unfortunetly it started raining when we were only 1 block away so we decided to come back home on the bus. My handler hadn’t brought my vest, so they were a bit nervous as we have had access issues before even though we are not legally required to show any identification. I did great though! No treats. and did my work dispite not being in gear! It’s certainly too bad I couldn’t go to the dog park though. Instead here’s some photos / video of dpt and arm licking. πŸ™‚WP_20141026_002[1]


Winter Upon Us!

“As we go into winter, I’ve been a bit more kept in. The cold this year has actually been affecting my joints / pain level. And It also reminded me of my Raynauds LOL. Yea.. Fun times! I am hoping (sorta) that we are closing in on some of my medical problems. The sleep doc last told me she thinks I have a hypo-ventalation problem. While I normally avoid looking up medical info, I’ve been sitting here for a few weeks worried and well.. I’ve only really found 1 condition that could be the cause of my breathing randomly turning off related to the auto-matic breathing system. However I suppose there are a couple other options. A muscular problem, Sleep apnea while Im awake? Well.. Whatever it is.. I have found out that a lot of my problems COULD be from long term oxygen / breathing problems. My vision issues, fatigue, pain, migraines, anxiety, Developmental Disabilities, memory problems, etc. Apparently breathing (rather not breathing) can affect a lot of things in your body. Well.. I’ve been using a wedge for sleep and it has def lessened my fatigue. Not 100% better but it is better. At least I’m not having nightmares every night and waking up with splitting headaches (which was caused from essentially suffocating in my sleep o.o). I am kinda hoping it is not this condition.. and very unlikely to be. Then again with my family genetics, nothing is ever “common.” Β And again I’ve thought this before.. Like I thought I knew my issue and it turns out to be completely wrong. So Who knows. It just is scary not knowing what it is. and obviously not breathing can be fatal. Well I supose I’ll just keep you updated.

What I really wanted to get to now, Since it’s winter I’ve been taking some more pics of Hiei. Gives me a little more something to do and focus on. Have too many negatives so I really need the positives! πŸ˜€ Here you go!”


1508509_10204713370335451_844559104485115016_n 1932271_10204721378815658_192481219376829331_n 1958441_10204714670367951_1668077158040494932_n 10153909_10204713358415153_2822106631642582297_n 10302173_10204713355975092_3121386702915958116_n 10458525_10204721353415023_1085929310517670357_n 10614150_10204721361895235_8823776857866746404_n 10731081_10204715308983916_4567100961166045967_n

Oh, and It was really late and I was obviously tired.. But my friend was saying I should start making videos of Hiei doing her tasks. I could have simulated the breathing / sweating but I was too tired to. Also so was Hiei. LOL. Hopefully I can make more videos in the future. Also I prob should have used some treats with her. Tho I know she will still do without them. Just keeps her more motivated. πŸ™‚

Can view the late night video here. Also was recording and doing commands by myself so Sorry if the video is hard to see etc.

Comming Back After a Long Break

Graduation of her Puppy Class

Graduation of her Puppy Class

Hey guys! We are back after a long break from our blog site. We have updated a lot of information and hope you will go ahead and explore! Our Training and hard work sure is paying off and Looking back my Handler and I can see how beneficial we have and are for each other! Since we came to know each other a lot of my Handlers Mental Health Problems have greatly Improved. They are now a lot more stable, confident, independant, and feeling better about themselves. I hope you are all doing well!

A great day at group!

We went to group today. it was great. We met another doggy there who was training to be a service dog! This puppy was with an organization. It was cool. I did really well ignoring and doing my job today. I was very calm and my handler thinks that their new working strategy is working well! Just gota keep it up! And I was kinda showing off on my way home. I scrunched myself up nice and tight on the bus showing how well I can hide myself. My handler decided to take some pictures.

A Nice Smooth day

I was really good today! I ignored another service dog and another pet dog really well at the mall today! My handler is trying to be more patient and say “good dog” more instead of being so critical. I alerted my handler to their panic and helped them calm down twice! Today was an amazing day! I think the re-enforcement is paying off. Hopefully I will have just as smooth days to come. πŸ™‚