My Command and Task List

This is my current command and task list from what my handler remembers. I am always wanting to learn more though! 🙂



TASK / WORK-“Touch” (Physical / Verbal)- I touch a spot with my nose that my handler points to. My Handler has Adapted this so when their anxiety signs begin (shaking) I am trained to touch their shaking hand with my nose to alert to the rise in anxiety.
WORK-Deep Preasure Therapy (not up,up) Used when an Up, up cannot be used. I usually lay my head on my handlers lap or a paw on their foot. Provide DPT / grounding.
TASK / WORK-“up” (hand signal- pat chest) I put my Paws on my handlers chest to gain attention and whine at them. I bring them from Dissociative state, Flash Back State, or can be used to help cause a reason to leave a socially uncomfortable situation. This is usually secondary to the “touch” command.
TASK-“up, up” (pat lap) I Get on my handlers lap providing deep preassure therapy to calm them down from a panic attacks / sensory overload / Dissociation Episode. This is usually (but not always) after both a “touch” and “up” have been used and my handler is not able to fully bring themselves back to reality or back to breathing normally. (they hypo-ventilate / stop breathing while in attacks / with anxiety)
TASK / Work-“left” (verbal) “right” (verbal) turn right/left- handler trained me to go left or right like a guild dog. They have Astigmatism in both eyes (Depth Perception), Sensory Overload from light- can mimic a seizure as well as light can cause them vision problems. As well as some tear production problem making their eyes red, itchy, and hard to see out of.
TASK-“lets go” (verbal) I keep walking straight(outdoors) or to leave a building(indoors) I lead my handler to the door when we need to go. Especially if they are disoriented or experiencing extreme anxiety.
TASK-“check the window” (point out toward a window) paws on windowsill, checks window for intruders.
TASK / WORK-“Pay Attention” and “Turn” (verbal) I Watch the cars and I turn sideways to block my handler from walking into the crosswalk.
TASK / WORK-(Shows hands) Hand Licking – Helps bring my handler with Dissociative or Anxiety states. Some Seizure dogs also do this when Handler is coming out of a seizure. I have also found this helpful when my physical pain is bad. The effect causes my pain to reduce for a period of time.
WORK-I Get up at common bus stops turns around to face my handler, to ask if we are getting off.
TASK-“pick it up” (verbal / physical) I pick up dropped objects for my handler.
TASK-“Here” (Physical / Verbal) My handler points to a position for me to go such as behind them and sit. This can then be adapted / used for blocking at ATMs or when my handler needs space in lines or isles.

*I use the word Work for things I may do with or without a conscious cue (from my handler-ie: dissociated = staring into space. I react / respond to an unconscious cue from the handler) and Task as something I do with a purposeful or conscious / intentional cue.*

“speak” (pupet hand as if speaking) Bark / howl
“quiet” (finger to mouth and verbal) Be quiet / stop barking
“Alright” (verbal) get off lap or get up from laying down or up from under a bus seat to leave / a transition word
“Turn Around” (verbal) Turn Around and sit between my legs / under seat
“stop” (verbal) heel
“sit” (fist up) sit
“lay down” (finger pointed down) lay down
“paw” (fist or palm out near her legs) shake
“Stay” (open palm forward) Stay
“Leave it” (verbal) Leave it
“over” (verbal / physical) Lay on back
“Look at me” (verbal / physical) Look at my handlers face

Things we Want to still Learn:

Pick Things up for my handler from the floor.

To Note: You are never done working with / training with a service dog. 🙂


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