About Hiei The Service Dog


(11 weeks)

Hi, my name is Hiei. I am Swifts Service Dog. I was born on January 20th 2012. I am a mixed breed. (chart below) At 9 weeks of my handler found me in Raleigh, NC. They had been looking quite a while for just the right pup with the right temperament, stress capability, and price tag and I was their specially chosen pup. I started training with them pretty much from day 1. I am extremely smart. I became potty trained within a couple days! At about 4 or 5 months I also went through a class at Petsmart to get in some more basic training.  But I already knew most of the commands. My handler did learn a bit more though about how to train me further by taking that class with me. And since we have learned even more by talking to different dog trainers regularly and asking questions when we need support with some commands or behaviors.


(At the Park)

If you haven’t figured out, this blog is about me and my handler and our ever growing relationship as we learn together. And if you didn’t know, us dogs and Service Dogs are always learning! There is always more things for us to learn to do or to keep us occupied.

We currently now live in Tigard, Oregon and are trying our best to survive every day. As we have further progressed both our lives have become easier and has provided my handler with more independence and confidence.


(1yr old)

Now, you may be wondering what I am trained for. I am trained to help my handler with their Mental and Physical disabilities. Yes, some disabilities are invisible! My handler has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Severe Anxiety, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), Intermittent Vision Problems, Dissociative / memory problems, Fibromyalgia (migraines, balance, pain), and Severe Sleep Apnea. I am trained in a few different tasks to help them through the day and to make life a little more manageable.

As Many people ask what kind of Breed of Dog I am, my handler Decided to get a DNA test for me! This is my chart. I have 4 main breeds: Rottweiler, Boston Terrier, Japanese Spitz, and Siberian Husky. I also had a few other breeds which were mentioned on my full DNA packet including Blood Hound, Pomeranian, Dachshund, German Shepard, and English Cocker Spaniel.



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