I’ve not been updating and this is why

Hiei has been an amazing dog, but sometimes unexpected things happen. Hiei had been having some stress this past holiday season. It later developed to a semi limp and we ended up getting xrays. She doesn’t have any skeletal problems but the vet and I have both heard her knees click. Knowing her problem could be muscular or nerve related I don’t feel comfortable continuing to have her work for me in high stress environments. She now pulls away when her back end is touched and is too sensitive to continue public access work. She will still continue to work with me at home and currently still attends Therapy with me. Not all dogs can be service dogs and it is with great sorrow that I have begun transitioning her to retirement. I am now looking and working with my therapist and family on training another dog for service work. I am also looking into organizations. So far I haven’t found any organizations that can train for all the support I need and would be feasible in distance, time and money- most do not offer cross training. So I set up a fund to save for the cost of a well bred and healthy dog with perfect service dog temperament. If I end up getting contacted by an organization that will work, I may instead take the money raised to Owner Train my next dog and put it toward the organization. Either way my therapist, family, doctors, and I believe another Service Dog would benefit me.


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