A night at the Hospital for A Sleep Study

We went to the hospital last night for my handlers sleep study. The staff were really nice andI did my best to behave myself. My handler was able to explain how I help them and I was able to provide a good transition to this new enviroment which would have probably taken them a lot more time and stress going alone. It was a bit stressful though, with all these new noises I didn’t know about! I got worried of them only a few times and was able to go wherever Swift told me. I didn’t sleep so well because of the new enviroment but I still worked and listened up thru the morning. My handler got a coupon for some breakfast at the hospital and we went to the cafeteria to wait for them to open.

Meridian Hospital Cafeteria

Meridian Park Hospital Cafeteria

Still did really well listening and did some down stays as my handler got their food and had a bite. We then went strait home on the bus. I was exhausted! By the time we got home I was so tired. I went strait to my handlers room and right back to sleep!



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