A better day symptomatically- By Swift

It fucking pisses me off on the days I’m looking better, to get more bull shit from people. Go on the 12 hiei was perfect. Guy asked if service dog. Yes. Get back on 12 way back, same driver, asked if service dog. YES! Hiei yawns a couple times. Driver says something hardly audiable but to the effect service dogs shouldn’t be making noise. I said She yawned. That’s it! Why the fuck do I get so much more shit she I’m feeling assertive and having a lesser symptom day! You don’t know my life driver! And some service dogs do make noise on command. Such as alerts! It’s obvious she is trained. She’s in gear. She only got up on command. And we did a few commands on the way bk for practice. Sigh..

10364131_10204921857947511_4014792824055785819_n 63486_10204921838667029_8391084499267106767_n

This has put me in a really pissy mood. And I relize yea, she shouldn’t have made any noise. But if I was wearing my sunglasses today and walking slower I don’t think I would have got this bull shit! Fucking nit picky about some small little thing! Sometimes having invisible disabilities SUCK!



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