Out this evening alone

Well, we stayed home from group today because my handler has realized the days we have therapy are the evenings they have the worst mental problems. (prob due to stirring things up in therapy) So instead we laid back and did some small trips at Fred Meyer and Taco Bell. We did great at Fred Meyer. My handler was OK, just a little shy to talking. I did a great down stay at the deli where my handler got some chicken. Only minor 1 or 2 distractions. But my handler was able to tell me to leave it and we went on our way. We are getting better every day!

Anyway, as a small update since we haven’t been here writing the blog. We recently talked to a dog trainer with 7yrs experience training Service Dogs, due to recent issues with distractions. The dog trainer basically said that sometimes handlers can become a little lax on the training after a while and that could be why I’m having distraction issues. So she has suggested we started working every day all day as much as possible and get back to basics and all my commands even if we don’t use them much anymore. And so far that has really started working itself out nicely. She also was helpful suggesting ways to better manage treats / non-treat praise.

Anyway, my handler got seriously anxious at Taco Bell though. And hyper-vigilant. Several times I pawed their foot to alert and ground them. After first trying to lay my head on their foot (but their feet don’t touch the ground!). I would then look up at my handler to make sure they were OK. I think they really appreciated it.



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